Smart Lab Introduces ‘BeFound’ Digital Masterclass Aiming to Instill Digital Marketing and Website Management skills to Entrepreneurs & Professionals

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Smart Lab will soon launch a new program called ‘BeFound Digital Masterclass’. It is a program that will help Corporates, SMEs, startups, and individuals become more visible online by training them on Digital Marketing and Website management techniques. The first program session will be conducted at Smart Lab in Mikocheni on Saturday, August 03, 2019. The program is a half-day workshop that will bring in experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Management, Social Media Management, etc.

This program is for owners of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), founders of startups, and individuals such as consultants and corporates who want to create effective digital strategies that will impact their business visibility and revenues by opening up online channels. 

The BeFound Digital Masterclass will be facilitated by experts in the field who have successfully handled large campaigns for big brands who will train participants on how to get your business discoverable by top search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and will also hold a workshop that will lead to the creation of single page websites and business emails for the participants of the workshops.

The workshop is divided into two parts: Digital Marketing and Website Management. The Digital Marketing workshop will go over Strategy, Social Media, SEO, Copy, brand definition, and identifying the target audience. The Website Development and management workshop will go through web concepts, the importance of custom emails for business, how to pick good domain names, and the creation of a single page website with good SEO. The participants will leave with a single page website, custom business emails, and good SEO set up for their website in addition to the training.

If you are interested in this Digital Masterclass and would like to take your business to the next level please apply for the first session which will take place on August 03, 2019, at Smart Lab in Mikocheni by going to


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