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We work with corporate partners to help them build topnotch engineering teams and provide support through our collective experience in hiring for technology. It’s hard to hire developers and we support companies to do it by helping bridge barriers around hiring, identifying top talent that fit the specific role, considering the employee lifecycle, and building successful teams.

Why Smart Lab Talent?

It’s hard to hire the right people. It’s even harder to hire people in technology if you are not an engineer yourself. We can help - with our deep technical knowledge and understanding of the IT sector and tech industry,  we help corporates recruit top talent who have grit, demonstrate problem-solving skills, and a desire to succeed.

Save time and money in recruitment, interviews, and onboarding by leveraging on our experience working and hiring for the tech field. 

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Talk to us about to post an engineering or tech-related position that you want to fill at your company and we can help you hire experienced talent that lead to build high performing teams. 

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Join top companies with great opportunities to grow your career in tech. We vet the companies ourselves, you use one application, and you can let interesting companies find you.

Current Openings
Software Developer (Web)

We are looking for a passionate Web Developer bringing creativity.... posted on 16, Oct 2019


Software Developer (Mobile)

We are looking for a Mobile Software Developer to build inspiring.... posted on 16, Oct 2019


Full-Stack Software Developer

We are looking for an experienced Full-Stack Developer bringing c.... posted on 16, Oct 2019


Technical Team Lead

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer bringing crea.... posted on 16, Oct 2019


UI/UX Specialist

We are looking for an experienced and creative UI/UX Designer to .... posted on 16, Oct 2019


Quality Assurance Engineer

We are looking for an experienced QA Engineer to build inspiring .... posted on 16, Oct 2019


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