University Outreach

Gain the knowledge you need to start your career and stand out to corporate employers right after graduating. After completing our program, you will get the chance to utilize and show off your talents to our top corporates partners like Vodacom Tanzania.

About The Program

The University Outreach Program is an initiative to train students with necessary employable & innovative skills in the job market. Students who complete the program will get the chance to participate in a Corporate Hackathon. Like Vodacom Tanzania, our corporate partners will give the students a chance to show off their skills and innovative capabilities. The hackathon will also be a bridge for students to potential employers.

Due to Covid-19 Effects, this year, we will conduct online training for university students in Tanzania as a capacity building program in the areas most critical to employment and getting them to understand the innovation practices to problem-solving and coming up with groundbreaking solutions. Participants will be able to participate in the online training through an online platform conducted by the industry experts from the SmartLab team.

Soft Skills
As much as university education is about earning a degree, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that graduates should also possess a bank of soft skills critical to the modern corporate workplace.
Project Management
Most graduates come out of school with less or no knowledge of project planning and management. Hence failing to get entry-level jobs from corporate companies. To change that, Smart Lab will equip students with project management skills.


Human Centered Design
This training aims to introduce students to creative problem-solving techniques through a human-centered design approach and instill them with relevant skills and competencies. These skills will enable students to become effective problem solvers and become more appealing to corporate employers.
Event Calendar
07-30 September 2020
Open Registrations
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05-30 October 2020
Soft Skills Training
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02-30 November 2020
Project Management Training
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01-18 December 2020
Human Centered Design Training
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