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Innovative Solutions & Hackathons

We have an innovation centre that offers integrative core solutions that drive exponential growth of your organization at the same time creating an impact in the society.

Why Us?

We have a resourceful pool of assets and are well capable of establishing, managing and monitoring programs and incredible mentors that provide outmost assurance to the success of projects.


We link corporates with well-vetted startups from learning institutions and give them access to curated events, meetups and startup base as per their corporate needs.


We create tailor made programs that empower learning institutions to be more innovative by supporting them with training, research and development space to provide results to organizational problems.


We create open source projects where developers work on a chosen project to come up with solutions that deliver corporate results.

Partnership Opportunities

Partner with us through our programs to drive your digital transformation while also impacting the society

Corporate Unwind

We believe strongly in building a better innovation ecosystem. To achieve this, we provide a platform for inspiring and successful people with vast experience in different sectors to join us for a short, interactive talk.

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BeFound Digital Masterclass

Get an in-depth understanding of how to develop and implement a digital strategy by using the latest digital tools to effectively position your business in the face of digital transformation.

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Mentor Meetup

Mentorship is about giving startup founders the tools you wish you had when you were in their position. It’s about giving back, and just as importantly, learning new things.

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Corporate Accelerators

Every industry and sector is ripe for disruption. Future-proof your business by working with top Startups making major breakthroughs in your industry.

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Smart Lab Talent

Hire top talented engineers and developers in tech

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Corporate Training

We are driven to empower employees and business leaders to drive innovation from within their companies, and rapidly advance internal business ideas so that they can quickly react to changes and become more innovative.

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Do you want to improve your organization and impact your community?


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